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A Time to Worship - The Event 7th October 2011 - Event DVD A full DVD of the event is available for Pre-Order Now


£ 12.99


O LOVE THAT WILL NOT LET ME GO - Hardback Book David Aldous has been searching for love throughout his life, often looking in all the wrong places. Then came an unforgettable seven days, the Father poured out His love direct from heaven, impacting David’s life once and for all. For the first time, David experienced and understood how great and how deep was His father’s love for him.


£ 8.99


'Father Speak to me I'm Listening' A Daily Devotional with a difference. This book hones in on the Word of God one verse at a time. How one verse can have life application. Each day, you will find a nugget of gold to help you through the day without having to spend hours studying different passages in scripture. ‘Father speak to me I’m listening’, is a title that does what it says on the tin. If you are prepared to listen, I believe that the Father will speak to you, each day through this Devotional.


£ 11.99


My Life In in His Hands - The Mike Rayson Story DVD 'My Life In His Hands' is a brand new TV series, hot off the press with 'The Mike Rayson Story' being the first one. Mike's life has been a rollercoaster of a ride. After becoming a United Methodist Minister cover serving in Nashville Tennessee USA, Mike had everything. A wonderful family, a very supportive wife, who herself is also a United Methodist.

Available NOW!


£ 12.99


SONG OF SONGS - CD Song of Songs is essentially a love poem and is arguably one of the best found anywhere in the Bible. Yet it often remains a mystery; a standalone piece of beautifully written poetry which would grace the annals of any classical poetry volume, yet in the context of the Holy Bible often misunderstood.

David Aldous has long had a burden to unveil the mystery of the Song, so along with Cherie Brown and the Jonathan Neal Orchestra has recorded one of the finest dramatic readings of any portion of the scriptures.


£ 7.99


CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS - DVD A documentary film produced and directed by David Aldous, filmed entirely on location in and around Victoria London England and produced for the Eleos charity ‘Church without Walls’, feeding the homeless on the streets. This film is a story of love and compassion in a hurting world.


£ 12.99


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